Dr. Thakker

       Doctor Profile      May 6, 2015

Anyone involved in healthcare in East Africa knows Dr. Amit Thakker. He has spent his life and career working to improve health outcomes in Africa through innovative solutions and effective partnerships. Suggesting that health is critical to achieving economic growth,…… Read More »


Doctors too Benefit from the Consultation

       Feature      May 1, 2015

By Dr. K. Rapenda Of the reasons people stay at work, whether in own enterprises or as employees, probably none is worth more than the immeasurable feeling of job satisfaction. Many people work for the money and certainly, doctors work…… Read More »


Curbing substandard medical training in Kenya

       Feature      May 1, 2015

Medical training in Kenya has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Until 1967 when the first medical school in Kenya was established at the University of Nairobi, Makerere was the only institution training doctors in East Africa. More schools have…… Read More »


Dr. Elizabeth Wala

       Doctor Profile      May 1, 2015

Since she graduated from medical school a little more than ten years ago, Dr. Wala has gone from working as a medical officer to research work, pharmaceutical medicine to healthcare consultancy and leadership. And the changes tend to happen every…… Read More »